Rezi Slides: Making a Resume

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This presentation covers our top Rezi resume tips with a focus on practical examples of content writing, formatting, mistakes, cover letter tips, and recommended free resources.

The Rezi resume presentation is something we've created for our international seminars which we've given in Seoul, Toyko, and now in Hong Kong. these international seminars focus on the English resume but the ideas are transferable to your resume.

Ready to Make Your Resume?

Writing a resume is hard. So we've created new ways to help students, professionals, and global job seekers build a resume to pass hiring systems quickly and easily.
Resume Review
Get constructive feedback a reformatted resume optimized for ATS hiring systems.
Resume Templates
A set of 3 Rezi resume templates formatted to pass ATS hiring systems.
Resume Writing
Want to land your dream job? Have a Rezi expert write your resume.