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Writing a resume is hard. So Rezi has created ways to build a resume to pass Applicant Tracking Systems quickly and easily.
Resume Review
Get constructive feedback a reformatted resume optimized for ATS hiring systems.
Resume Templates
A set of 3 Rezi resume templates formatted to pass ATS hiring systems.
Resume Writing
Want to land your dream job? Have a Rezi expert write your resume.

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Rezi ATS Optimized Resume Templates

Rezi templates are a flexible way to improve your resume—and get interviewed.
Templates for Students
Perfect for students, these templates highlight your achievements, coursework, activities, and skills aquired while studying.
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A Template for Professionals
Proven to get interviews at the most competitive companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Dropbox, and more.
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Rezi Format & Content Review

Rezi gives you unbiased, constructive feedback and reformats your resume based on the ATS optimized Rezi OMEGA format.
For everyone from students to professionals to exectives, Rezi is ready to turn your existing resume into your greatest work.
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Formatted to pass ATS
First, we'll reformat your resume based on the featured ATS optimized Rezi OMEGA format.
Articulate your ability
Next, we'll explain exactly how to improve resume content to create a resume employers love.
Identify improvements
Last, we'll point out missing resume information and include our general thoughts on your resume.
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4.8 out of 5 · Based on the opinion of 28 people

Rezi is the most useful and easy to use platform for quickly creating a resume that I have ever seen. It made the once stressful and daunting task of creating a vital document into a pleasurable and educational experience.
Working with Rezi was amazing. they helped me get jobs offers i wouldve never gotten based on the help i got with my resume and cover letter. having a good work life is so important. invest in your future guys
Rezi helped me overcome my fears in applying to global companies :) Jacob’s sincere and specific comments about my resume and cover letter clarified my misunderstandings. I would definitely recommend Rezi to my peers!
Rezi is awesome. they helped me how to write resume and cover-letter. I recommend rezi site or consulting to you guys. I think it is helpful for you guys. thx
I'd recommend Rezi to everyone who is looking for dream job and has difficulties with creating easily readable resume. Platform is easy to use and helps create a resume quickly 😃

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