Rezi started in May 2015 as a weekend project...

to solve a problem experienced by many of our close friends. We watched as graduates struggled to land gainful employment while the burden of student loans forced them to take jobs far below their ability. As it turned out, most job seekers aren’t prepared to write a hirable resume.

In the start, we studied resumes. Specifically how resumes interact with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which are the family of software most companies use to manage online applications. Our mission was set to educate job seekers on Applicant Tracking Systems while providing resources to create an optimized resume. The rest is history

Our History

Rezi starts as a resume template...
after a post on Reddit explaining the success of a resume exploded. The Rezi Alpha resume template was the first product offered on a simple WordPress site built with scotch tape and bubble gum.
Rezi globalizes to South Korea...
to help Korean job seekers are they prepare to start their global careers for the first time.

Rezi is the now the most recognized global startup in South Korea. Accepted in the following programs for foreign startups

Rezi scales up to the next level...
Rezi Instant is developed to give job seekers a reliable way to make a Rezi resume in minutes, for free. Rezi Instant allows us to support resume creation for university career centers in the United States and South Korea.

Meet Our team

Jacob Jacquet
Jihyun Park
Director of Rezi Korea
Stephen Wagner
Director of Global Partnerships
James Kim
Marketing Lead
Evan Joyal
Video Production
Vai Gupta
Techincal Advisor