A Resume Successful at Google, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs

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Let's take a closer look at a resume used to get interviews at Google, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, EA and others.

The secret to a successful resume is making your achievements sound incredible

But… Making a resume is easy when you have accomplishments

Yes and no. It is equally difficult to explain accomplishments, and sometimes difficult to recognize your own accomplishments.

“Organized and implemented Google Analytics data tracking campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of email remarketing initiatives that were deployed using Salesforce’s marketing cloud software“

We read a shit ton of resumes, and most writers would end the sentence at “Organized and implemented Google Analytics data tracking campaigns“. Some might explain that it was used to test email marketing efforts, few would mention it used Salesforce software, fewer still the specific software. This specificity is the key to beating ATS software (evil resume robots that pick resumes to be interviewed).

But… If I haven’t had an internship yet. As soon as the employer hears I don’t have any prior work experience that’s pretty much it!

Ever think of flipping your skills in order to be more appealing to an employer? That is exactly what we do with the “Relevant Coursework and Skills” section. Also, you’ll see on the resume important positions held in organizations and involvement in campus activities are presented in the same formatting with the same heft as a job position. You should include something like that. It’s easier to be active in a student organization than get an internship!

Do you need a summary? People always clash about having a summary or not.

We have always chosen not to include a summary. All of the information that you would include could be deducted from the resume and We’ve never been able to write one that actually adds anything of value–they just take up space that you can use to explain more accomplishments or list more skills.